“Home after home, an ideal destination at Kodaikonal”
Tuesday 3rd of January 2017   Bangalore   Chandrasunkara

To be frank, I have no words to explain the beauty and the wide spectrum of sophisticated aspects of Villa Retreat. However, I will try to put forward some of my highlight observations during my long stay (8 nights) while this already being my second term at Villa Retreat. This place is an ideal destination for stay standing on top of the city with ease of access from the main road and very close proximity to beautiful spots. Villa Retreat should be proud to share the entrance with Coaker's walk which is a must visit place for all visitors, opposite to Bryant Park and in a distance with a very short walk to Kodai Lake and several other places to visit. Rooms have excellent view to the Kodai City and Valleys giving a very pleasant experience and adding peace and completeness to your money. Photos I uploaded can actually explain what I meant. Management and staff took utmost care and are focused to giving a home like feeling at this place. I cannot think of any other place besides Villa Retreat for stay @ Kodai. Two trips completed so far to Kodai while staying at Villa Retreat and many more to go. I am glad to be contacted for any guidance needed regarding this place.

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