"Sunrise Up, Close and Personal - A Defining Moment"
Sunday 14th of February 2016   Bangalore   Rajesh

Awesome break from the heightened frenzy of daily life, made special, specially by the location, coziness and the splendid personal touch of this quaint, superlative and splendid retreat. Took a complete break and enjoyed the sunrise far away in the horizon right from dusk, basked in the magnanimous sun rays at the beautiful garden, enjoyed the clouds enter the rooms, sat on the window deck of the beautiful room of this heritage paradise reading my favorite books and simply chilled out without going through the generic rut of the tourist tag as if it was a home away from home. One of the most memorable holidays of 4 days made memorable by this wonderful retreat, the ever helpful staff and to say the least. Thanks a ton and would make it a point again to visit.

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